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When you want to edit an Spip object, you arrive first at its home page where a preview of its content is displayed, then you must press the edit button to get to the objects editing screen.

This Plugin allows you to edit the object directly from its home page, all manipulations of editable Spip-objects (modifications, add keywords, authors, etc..) can now be done from one single page.The plugin automatically detects all editable objects declared via the pipeline lister_tables_objets_sql.

Direct Edition Mode {PNG}


The plugin installs as any plugin.

However, it requires the following plugins:


By default, all the declared objects are displayed in Direct Editing Mode.

In the Control Panel ("Configuration" / "Direct Edition"), it is possible to select the objects to be displayed in Direct Editing Mode.

New !

This basic configuration can be adapted by the user for each available object.

Modify Edition Mode {PNG}

For Developer

A pipeline (api) can now influence on the enabling of Direct Editing Mode. This allows for example to restrict it to a section or add more selection criteria

.$ pipeline = pipeline (’edition_directe_controle’, array (’args’ => array (’object’ => $ object)’data’ => $ config));
$ config is an array of objects selected for direct editing,

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