If it works in Africa, it’ll work anywhere

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ZDNet reports: Ushahidi, the Kenyan not-for-profit organisation behind the development of the BRCK communications device, hopes that its success in raising funds through Kickstarter to develop the product will help to spur more hardware innovation in Kenya and other parts of Africa.

The BRCK, which Ushahidi describes as a backup generator for the internet, is a rugged modem and wireless access point that can connect to the internet via Ethernet, wi-fi, and 3G or 4G mobile networks. The BRCK can hop from one network to another and switch from mains power to battery power as required. It can also be accessed remotely to check how the wi-fi and electricity are performing, and alerts and notifications — such as reminders when the BRCK is low on power — can also be configured by smartphone or PC.